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Generation Animation’s “The List”Blog

Generation Animation’s “The List”

Over the past few years, we have been gathering suggestions from our listeners at Generation Animation about what they would…

Review: Ghost in the ShellBlog

Review: Ghost in the Shell

Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell (GitS) starring Scarlett Johansson is a visually stunning movie that manages to strike a…

Is BoomerangTV Worth Your Money?Blog

Is BoomerangTV Worth Your Money?

Boomerang, the retro carton television channel from Cartoon Network, has launched it’s own streaming service for use on Desktop, Ipad,…

How Janela Stole Wrestlemania WeekendWrestling

How Janela Stole Wrestlemania Weekend

If I were to be a 100% honest man, I would say that a year ago today, I was only…

Latest Episodes

Episode 294 – Antz

Episode 294 – Antz

Generation Animation

JuneBug month continues with the obvious comparison movie to “A Bug’s Life”.

Episode 1: Shane Puryear Returns!

Episode 1: Shane Puryear Returns!


It’s Season 3! Shane returns for a podcast full of beliefs, politics, deep discussions and silliness.

Episode 666 – The Money in the Bank

Episode 666 – The Money in the Bank

RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

The Money in the Bank trivia contest returns and we witness arguably one of the most perfect wrestling matches ever.