TrigunAnime Round Table and Review


Lucid, the panel and guests discuss the utter destruction Vash causes during the series. Gabe and Yomi compare Lucid to…

Azumanga DaiohAnime Round Table and Review

Azumanga Daioh

Lucid, the panelists and guests discuss this slice of life. Episode 21

Fan ServiceAnime Round Table and Review

Fan Service

Lucid & company discuss the epitome of fanservice with Miyukichan in Wonderland and Amazing Nurse Nanako. Episode 19

FLCLAnime Round Table and Review


Lucid, the panel & guests, including special guest Aaron from Weekly Anime Reveiw, discuss this seriously insane OVA. Episode 18

Fruits BasketAnime Round Table and Review

Fruits Basket

Lucid, the panel & guests talk about how difficult it can be if someone you like turns into an animal…

Hand Maid MayAnime Round Table and Review

Hand Maid May

Lucid and the panel jump into their last week of Harem month with another show about mechanical women. Episode 16

Love Hina and AgainAnime Round Table and Review

Love Hina and Again

Lucid, the panel & guests discuss their first show for Harem Month. Theresa leaves the panel and Yomiko joins &…