Melody of OblivionAnime Round Table and Review

Melody of Oblivion

We get Yomi going on another giggle fit as we cover this series of wonderful music. Episode 113

Excel SagaAnime Round Table and Review

Excel Saga

It’s Excel Saga, it doesn’t need a reason… Episode 112

PopotanAnime Round Table and Review


Lucid runs screaming and Zahooe starts his two week vacation so Yomi takes over ARTandR…. Good luck. Episode 110

Grave of the FirefliesAnime Round Table and Review

Grave of the Fireflies

We are down to two panelist as we cover this classic film and we decide to postpone the name that…

Magic Users Club OAVAnime Round Table and Review

Magic Users Club OAV

Magic, unclothed school girls, robots, and a gay guy? Well that was interesting. All that and round 5 of Name…

Ghost in the ShellAnime Round Table and Review

Ghost in the Shell

Round 4 of name that tune and a gathering of men to talk about GitS Episode 107

GateKeepersAnime Round Table and Review


Part 3 of our contest plus idle chatter about a decent but not great show. Episode 106

Samurai ChamplooAnime Round Table and Review

Samurai Champloo

We announce a time change to 9pm Eastern, the loss of a panelist, round two of the “name the anime”…

2 Year AniversaryAnime Round Table and Review

2 Year Aniversary

For our 2 year anniversary we watch some of our favorite comedy AMVs Live with our listeners. Download the AMV…