Crescent LoveAnime Round Table and Review

Crescent Love

A lovely story that gets the harem show right, but screws up in other places. Episode 103

Kiddy GradeAnime Round Table and Review

Kiddy Grade

This week we also talk about the 2 year anniversary show and announce the Cowboy Bebop 4 disc soundtrack giveaway.…

Fullmetal AlchemistAnime Round Table and Review

Fullmetal Alchemist

Chris and Gene from the SHAFT anime podcast join us as we cover this most anticipated series. Episode 101

Laputa-Castle in the SkyAnime Round Table and Review

Laputa-Castle in the Sky

Floating cities, falling girls, and the most motley crew of pirates you’ll ever meet. Sounds fun. Episode 100

Snow Fairy SugarAnime Round Table and Review

Snow Fairy Sugar

This week Lucid runs away and lets Yomiko take control. But will she give it back? Episode 99

Green Legend RanAnime Round Table and Review

Green Legend Ran

The world is a desert and an evil cult controls whats left of the water. Episode 98

Cowboy BebopAnime Round Table and Review

Cowboy Bebop

Does Cowboy Bebop live up to all the hype? Listen to find out. Episode 97

Birdy The MightyAnime Round Table and Review

Birdy The Mighty

This week we suffer from an illness shortened panel as we cover this odd little gender bender. Episode 96

Shinigamis BalladAnime Round Table and Review

Shinigamis Ballad

We talk about the cutest death god ever and… paint? Episode 95

Mystery ShowAnime Round Table and Review

Mystery Show

Join us for a show with no topic and get a better understanding of who we are. Episode 94