Episode 6 – Fan Appreciation NightMike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 6 – Fan Appreciation Night

It is Fan Appreciation Night! Your questions, your tweets, your calls! Plus, Maria finds out what a blumpkin is.

Episode 5 – Mike QuackenbushMike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 5 – Mike Quackenbush

CHIKARA’s Mike Quackenbush is our special guest this week to talk National Pro Wrestling Day

Episode 4 – Jimmy PrestonMike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 4 – Jimmy Preston

It was an eventful week in the wrestling industry and the One Man Thrill Ride Jimmy Preston helps us break…

Episode 3 – Tom DeNucciMike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 3 – Tom DeNucci

Director of Army of the Damned, Tom DeNucci, joins us. Also on the card, Mike Bennett!

Episode 2 – Guy AlexanderMike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 2 – Guy Alexander

This week, we welcome our special guest and good friend, Guy Alexander

Episode 1Mike & Maria in Wonderland

Episode 1

Journey into wonderland with wrestling’s power couple in the premiere edition of Mike and Maria in Wonderland.

Episode 182The Media Burnout

Episode 182

Jeff talks about his vacation. Master Chef and Big Brother. Last of Us and ZombiU.

Episode 181The Media Burnout

Episode 181

Special guests! Ironman 3. Android phone games.

Episode 180The Media Burnout

Episode 180

Car Sharing Program. Alison Rosen Podcast. Nintendo is Doomed?

Episode 179The Media Burnout

Episode 179

The Flea Market. Gwar-B-Q Sauce. New Tomb Raider.