Episode 17Rinse/Repeat

Episode 17

Start the New Year with a double dose of advice on this week`s Rinse/Repeat!

Episode 16Rinse/Repeat

Episode 16

On this year`s final episode, we tackle freedom of speech and 2008`s most bizarre news stories.

Episode 15Rinse/Repeat

Episode 15

Hark! how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say. . .mock the stupid? Wait. . . Welcome to…

Episode 14Rinse/Repeat

Episode 14

This week, we discover the depths of political corruption. . .and the untold horrors of Chuck E. Cheese.

Episode 13Rinse/Repeat

Episode 13

This week, join us for double doses of advice and news, with shots of Avril Lavigne and. . .turkeys?

Episode 12Rinse/Repeat

Episode 12

A trampling at Wal-Mart, and death on the web. Join us this week as we lose faith in humanity.

Episode 11Rinse/Repeat

Episode 11

Nostalgia fails and tigers maul idiots this week. Also–Second Life drama!

Episode 10Rinse/Repeat

Episode 10

Soda and lawsuits and marriage–oh my! Tune in for our rants and raves.

Episode 9Rinse/Repeat

Episode 9

This week, we tell you to get out and vote! Also, why Twitter and Illinois driver`s licenses suck.

Episode 8Rinse/Repeat

Episode 8

A last-minute guest, wrong thoughts about candidates, and assholes in politics dominate this week`s episode.