Episode 7Rinse/Repeat

Episode 7

Learn what not do do with a vacuum cleaner, and who your designated driver should be. Also, astrology. . .on…

Episode 6Rinse/Repeat

Episode 6

This week, the news takes us over, and we examine the world`s stupidest DUI. Also–pot as currency!

Episode 5Rinse/Repeat

Episode 5

This week: stupid lawsuits, and the News of the Future, today!

Episode 4Rinse/Repeat

Episode 4

This week, Jesus watches us exercise, and we get arrested for taking a walk in the park.

Episode 3Rinse/Repeat

Episode 3

We roast bad drivers, mock stupid warnings, and explain why evacuation is a good thing.

Episode 2Rinse/Repeat

Episode 2

This week, we explain why fishing from the neck of a giraffe is illegal. Also: Mouse Trap and. . .LiLo?

Episode 1Rinse/Repeat

Episode 1

Our hosts begin their fight against ignorance. Join us as we defeat election stupidity, 19th century literature, and obvious sex…