#06: Bashin’ The Bishop!Tom Campbell's Better World

#06: Bashin’ The Bishop!

Garry Kasparov’s Chess career takes an unexpected turn, and houses become the subject of piracy!

#05: Can You Handle It?Tom Campbell's Better World

#05: Can You Handle It?

Recorded whilst glistening in the sun - December 3rd 2007Highlights and low-blows:- The Great British Chav vs. Emo iDebate- A…

#04: ProverbCon/Talk Your Face OffTom Campbell's Better World

#04: ProverbCon/Talk Your Face Off

Recorded during an intense section of full-contact Rugby with Leslie Nielson - 19th November 2007A two-sketch number, featuring the exploits…

#03: It Looks Like You’re Trying To Write An Episode NameTom Campbell's Better World

#03: It Looks Like You’re Trying To Write An Episode Name

The Microsoft Paperclip creates chaos through history, and the 300 move to a bedsit in Torquay for comedic hi-jinx.

#02: Mozart Lust For GloryTom Campbell's Better World

#02: Mozart Lust For Glory

Lost footage of Mozart paints a new picture of the famous composer, plus unemployed Daleks, like Attenborough-phobia cases, are rife…

#01: Nostradamus-DramusTom Campbell's Better World

#01: Nostradamus-Dramus

Nostradamus struggles to get to grips in the modern, media driven world, whilst a professional wrestling champion gets smart and…