Episode 7The Media Burnout

Episode 7

Jeff talks about Sanjaya leaving American Idol. Chris saw the new British comedy Hot Fuzz, and Ben gives you the…

Episode 6The Media Burnout

Episode 6

Jeff talks about Danny Bonaduce’s divorce. Chris saw the Lookout. Should you see it? Ben gives you the scoop on…

Episode 5The Media Burnout

Episode 5

Tony Bennet and American Idol. Is Grindhouse worth seeing. Latest Xbox 360 Dashboard upgrade coming soon and Mr Bean in…

Episode 4The Media Burnout

Episode 4

Jeff and the crew discuss the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Chris gives us his review of Blades of Glory.…

Episode 3The Media Burnout

Episode 3

TMB Crew talk about BSG (again), The Shooter, and the PS3 European Launch.

Episode 2The Media Burnout

Episode 2

Jeff brings talks about the science in tv and film and how it’s so wrong, Chris gives you an update…

Episode 1The Media Burnout

Episode 1

Jeff talks about Battlestar Galactica, Chris tells us what he thinks of the new movie 300, and Ben gives you…