Episode 27: The Last HurrahUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 27: The Last Hurrah

As ULC2 bids farewell, we give you our NFL and MLB predictions that are sure to be wrong in four…

Episode 25: Quarter FormationUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 25: Quarter Formation

Who would you take #1 overall in your fantasy draft? We discuss.

Episode 24: Kiefer Sutherland EditionUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 24: Kiefer Sutherland Edition

Tell us if you like the Olympics or tell us where the bomb is. Your choice.

Episode 22: Everything Old…Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 22: Everything Old…

…is new again as former co-host Matthew Galloway joins Skatz to bitch about our respective teams.

Episode 21: BYOBUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 21: BYOB

It takes two to tango, and while they are not stars, Skatz-n-Catie are willing to dance around the Football Giants…

Episode 20: Phone Sex SpectaularUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 20: Phone Sex Spectaular

The ULC2 cast tell MLB how to help their All-Star break, tell NBA teams what to do, and Brett Favre…

Episode 19: Thursday Night SpecialUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 19: Thursday Night Special

On this special Thursday edition, we go over the last week of NBA play, the only week of the NBA…

Episode 18: Voting and Buying GunsUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 18: Voting and Buying Guns

We’re old enough to do both! To celebrate, we talk about the NBA Finals, Timmy Donaghy, and Sidney Crosby!

Episode 17: The Sabbatical EndsUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 17: The Sabbatical Ends

We’re back, and we got the NBA Finals on our minds.

Episode 16Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 16

We look at sports’ past, sports’ present, and sports’ future…how vague is THAT?