Episode 15Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 15

Final Four, Final Playoff Spots, Final Fantasy…Baseball, That Is.

Episode 13: College Tourney SpecialUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 13: College Tourney Special

You know you have a bracket, and you know you need help filling it out…ULC2 to the rescue!

Episode 12Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 12

FanOff’s fantastic foursome features Favre, Football, and Frenchies.

Episode 11: All NBA SpecialUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 11: All NBA Special

With 3/4ths of the cast M.I.A., Skatz & old friend Ian Hiatt set the NBA picture straight.

Episode XUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode X

Kev Maher returns to make Vince Carter jokes, talk MLB, and give NASCAR props.

Episode 9Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 9

Fanoff’s starting frontcourt discusses drugs, swapping partners, and poles…sounds like a party at Ryan’s house.

Episode 8Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 8

Catie gloats about the Giants, Ryan lures college football recruits to Alabama, Skatz analyzes NBA trades, and more!

Episode 7: Super Bowl SpecialUnsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 7: Super Bowl Special

The FanOff’s defensive line talks about the Super Bowl…and that’s really it…what did you expect, the NHL All-Star game?

Episode 6Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 6

The FanOff’s Starting Infield talk about the Conference Championships, the NHL, College Ballin’, and…the Oscars…yeah, you read that correctly.

Episode 5Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2

Episode 5

Nick Petrilli and Ryan Williams are back and join Skatz and Catie to discuss the insanity of the NFL Playoffs,…