Episode 294 – AntzGeneration Animation

Episode 294 – Antz

JuneBug month continues with the obvious comparison movie to “A Bug’s Life”.

Episode 293 – A Bug’s LifeGeneration Animation

Episode 293 – A Bug’s Life

Is this the most forgettable Pixar film we discuss as we continue JuneBug month.

Episode 292 – Bee MovieGeneration Animation

Episode 292 – Bee Movie

We kick off JuneBug month with basically the reason we are doing this theme month.

Episode 291 – W.I.T.C.H.Generation Animation

Episode 291 – W.I.T.C.H.

D.T.F. chat about W.I.T.C.H. and tackle that Cal Arts style talk that has been going around.

Episode 290: AggretsukoGeneration Animation

Episode 290: Aggretsuko

Breaking down the character flaws and complex arcs of a Sanrio based show.

Episode 289 – Isle of DogsGeneration Animation

Episode 289 – Isle of Dogs

The movie has one big problem. And it is not the one you might think.

Episode 288 – Star vs The Forces of EvilGeneration Animation

Episode 288 – Star vs The Forces of Evil

This show is silly for about 9 episodes, and then it gets insane.

Episode 287 – Ernest & CelestineGeneration Animation

Episode 287 – Ernest & Celestine

Revisiting our Oscar special from 5 years ago and talking Beatles songs.