Episode 252 – MIYAZAUGUST – Porco RossoGeneration Animation

Episode 252 – MIYAZAUGUST – Porco Rosso

Will we end MiyazAugust? When pigs fly. Also JelloApocalypse asks about Ghibli films.

Episode 249 – MIYAZAUGUST – Sherlock HoundGeneration Animation

Episode 249 – MIYAZAUGUST – Sherlock Hound

The month of Miyazaki kicks off with detective dogs and bad British accents.

Tip of the Tongue Ep 4 – Acting BasicsGeneration Animation

Tip of the Tongue Ep 4 – Acting Basics

How to become a better actor, no matter what experience level.

Episode 246 – DariaGeneration Animation

Episode 246 – Daria

The panel goes off topic often as talk turns to candy bars and foreskin.

Episode 244 – Little Witch Academia ShortsGeneration Animation

Episode 244 – Little Witch Academia Shorts

How does a conversation about witches end up devolving into Harry Potter and Stone Cold jokes?