Episode 36 – Sgt. FrogGeneration Animation

Episode 36 – Sgt. Frog

Who knew a show about frog aliens would split the panel?

Episode 35 – Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesGeneration Animation

Episode 35 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Will from RBR joins us to geek out over Nick’s TMNT series.

Episode 34 – Black DynamiteGeneration Animation

Episode 34 – Black Dynamite

Blaxploitation parody? Oh, it’s much more than that.

Episode 33 – Ghost in the ShellGeneration Animation

Episode 33 – Ghost in the Shell

Dave loves this movie, but missed something everyone else didn’t.

Episode 32 – RangoGeneration Animation

Episode 32 – Rango

Nickelodeon Movies: Some are good. Some are not.

Episode 31 – VoltronGeneration Animation

Episode 31 – Voltron

Spoiler alert! Because Dave can’t shut his mouth.

Episode 27 – Treasure PlanetGeneration Animation

Episode 27 – Treasure Planet

Is this film an underrated classic or an overrated borefest?