#335 – Very Much More RomanceHideous Energy

#335 – Very Much More Romance

Get ready for a LOT of comic “reviews” or…whatever it is we do.

Episode 7: Jacob Templet Returns!Absurd!

Episode 7: Jacob Templet Returns!

Jacob returns to the show to address the controversy from his previous appearance. We also discuss his new endeavor into…

Episode 6: THROWBACK! Sean BalayAbsurd!

Episode 6: THROWBACK! Sean Balay

THROWBACK! There’s more Absurd! on the way but here’s a throwback episode from the initial run from July 9th, 2015!

Episode 249 – MIYAZAUGUST – Sherlock HoundGeneration Animation

Episode 249 – MIYAZAUGUST – Sherlock Hound

The month of Miyazaki kicks off with detective dogs and bad British accents.