Episode 614 – NJPW DominionRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 614 – NJPW Dominion

Eric and Maxwell review NJPW Dominion and Raw ratings continue to tank

Episode 241 – Wallace & GromitGeneration Animation

Episode 241 – Wallace & Gromit

Tyler and Dave are left alone. You know what that means!

Episode 613 – Forced MemeRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 613 – Forced Meme

Are they forcing Shinsuke too hard? Will it cause a backlash? Plus, Will defends SmackDown like old times.

#327 – Everyone’s BabiesHideous Energy

#327 – Everyone’s Babies

This episode almost had a much different name.

Episode 240 – Samurai JackGeneration Animation

Episode 240 – Samurai Jack

Both Chris and John of “Sketch Watch Play” join us to discuss everything Jack.