Episode 1: Shane Puryear Returns!Absurd!

Episode 1: Shane Puryear Returns!

It’s Season 3! Shane returns for a podcast full of beliefs, politics, deep discussions and silliness.

Episode 12: Sean Balay Returns!Absurd!

Episode 12: Sean Balay Returns!

Sean is back for the first time in years! In this episode we chat Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoilers…

Episode 11: B. RobAbsurd!

Episode 11: B. Rob

Paul sits down with fellow podcaster and host of Random Ramblings with Rob, B. Rob himself! We chat all sorts…

Episode 10: Paul GriffinAbsurd!

Episode 10: Paul Griffin

Episode 10’s guest is…ME! Jacob Templet was kind enough to host the show and allow Paul to be the guest!…

Episode 9: Shane PuryearAbsurd!

Episode 9: Shane Puryear

The longest Absurd yet! Paul is joined by his old pal Shane where they discuss being a history professor, predators…

Episode 8: Ryan DavidsonAbsurd!

Episode 8: Ryan Davidson

Paul sits down with indie wrestling mega sensation Ryan Davidson where they talk an extensive about of wrestling from local…

Episode 7: Jacob Templet Returns!Absurd!

Episode 7: Jacob Templet Returns!

Jacob returns to the show to address the controversy from his previous appearance. We also discuss his new endeavor into…

Episode 6: THROWBACK! Sean BalayAbsurd!

Episode 6: THROWBACK! Sean Balay

THROWBACK! There’s more Absurd! on the way but here’s a throwback episode from the initial run from July 9th, 2015!

Episode 5: Eleanor CorduaAbsurd!

Episode 5: Eleanor Cordua

Origin Episode! Who is Eleanor? Find out on this episode as we talk how we met, school, work, 4 hour…

Episode 4: Joe CadenaAbsurd!

Episode 4: Joe Cadena

Joe Cadena returns for his first solo show since the original first episode of Absurd! What we talk about isn’t…