Anthony Skatz rejoins the Fatal Four for another week of Rocketbusta Radio discussing all of this week’s wrestling happenings including the Ted Petty Invitational weekend, the changes in SmackDown’s writing team, ‘Boogeyman’ Marty Wright being re-signed to WWE, TNA Impact, ECW on Sci Fi, tomorrow night’s No Mercy card, and loads more.

Recorded and Broadcast on October 7th, 2006.

Anthony Skatz, Michael Z, Nick Marsico and William Washington


  • Ted Petty Invitational
  • SmackDown writing team changes
  • ‘Boogeyman’ Marty Wright re-signed to WWE
  • Raw, SmackDown, Impact, and ECW thoughts
  • No Mercy preview
  • …and much more!!!

Running Time: 2:02:52