Galaxy AngelAnime Round Table and Review

Galaxy Angel

This week the panel and Lucid cover the much loved, but not by us, Galaxy Angel. Episode 60

Episode 127 Part 2RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 127 Part 2

In the second part of this week’s extended edition of RBR, our six run down the picks for Wrestler of…

Episode 127 Part 1RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 127 Part 1

Michael Z and Anthony Skatz rejoin the Fatal Four for the third annual RBR Year End Awards. In this first…

Tenchi Daughter of DarknessAnime Round Table and Review

Tenchi Daughter of Darkness

This week, the Lucid and panel take a short look at the Tenchi movie, Daughter of Darkness. They also announce…

Episode 31The Media Burnout

Episode 31

We talk about the worst tv sitcoms of all time. The PS3 can now play DivX. Also, a lot of…

Best of RBR 2007RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Best of RBR 2007

Nick and Will spend this special Christmas edition of RBR discussing Armageddon and looking back at some of their favorite…

Issue #80Alter Ego Comic Cast

Issue #80

Big YEAR END super special featuring the 2007 EGO AWARDS! We celebrate the best (and worst) of the year along…

Tenchi UniverseAnime Round Table and Review

Tenchi Universe

While The Round Table originally planned to do a whole month of Tenchi, they learned their lesson with the 3…

Episode 125RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 125

Jimmy Jacobs joins us for his 5th edition of Bustapiece Theatre as we talk Age of the Fall, returning to…

Issue #79Alter Ego Comic Cast

Issue #79

Could we be seeing a Hulk/Iron Man x-over in the movie? Well, we try to find out. We also talk…