Nostradamus struggles to get to grips in the modern, media driven world, whilst a professional wrestling champion gets smart and a cop show gets a budget slash!

Recorded in front of a room full of mute otters – October 2nd, 2007.

Running Time: About 10 minutes, give or take! Songs Performed 1. Nostradamus One
2. Welcome All, Welcome In!
3. Mack Jacket Revival
4. T-Rex In The City
5. Better World Thought: Vet Practices
6. Nostradamus Two
7. Backbreaker Boris Is Indifferent
8. “The Force” Gets Cut
9. Nostradamus Epilogue Notes – The first of anything is always somewhat dubious. Look at Hitler’s invasion of the free world…nobody’s had the guts to attempt it since, despite the easy-to-fix problems his cause faced. But I digress, I hope you en(dure)joy the first Better World as it was meant to be heard…with your ears and semi-drunk.