Lost footage of Mozart paints a new picture of the famous composer, plus unemployed Daleks, like Attenborough-phobia cases, are rife in South London.

Recorded in the hemline of Greta Garbo – October 16th, 2007.

Running Time: About 10 minutes on a good day Songs Performed 1. Captain’s Announcement One
2. Calum The Dalek
3. Meet Niles Clench of S.E.X.E.R
4. Mozart: Lust For Glory
5. The Campbell & Campbell & Campbell Diet Scheme
6. Mrs. Two Sugars and Mrs. Biscuit Broaden Your Minds
7. A Good Old Doctor’s Office Sketch
8. Captain’s Announcement Two
9. A Good Old Doctor’s Office Sketch: Epilogue
10. Better World Thought: Bus Drivers
11. Mozart: Lust For Glory – The Hotel Incident Notes – Rolling straight into Episode Two the same way you’d roll over a hobo with a steamroller, with the creation of Niles Clench…a character that, if I can be bothered, may pop up again later down the line. In the meantime, endure this episode of Better World as it was meant to be heard…during a near death experience.