Hey Look, the circus is back in town. Join us as we enjoy our return to the stage in this predictable, but charming, series.

Episode 73

Recorded and Broadcast on March 30th, 2008.
Lucid Dream, Yomi, Zahooee, Gabe, and Random.
Running Time: 1:45:06 Summary In the second season Sora returns to the stage after attempting the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla. This leaves Layla’s shoulder injured and unable to perform. The absence of her co-star, having retired to further a career in Broadway productions, prompts a slight decline of the Kaleido Stage. Because of this Kalos brings in a new recruit, Leon Oswald (a lofty trapeze artist). It seems at first that Leon is reminded very much of someone due to Sora’s presence, and at times this causes him to get very frustrated with Sora, or very loving. Despite this, however, Leon does not accept Sora as worthy of being on the stage with him. This leads to a new recruit (May Wong of China, who is a master on Ice) to question and challenge Sora’s position as Leon’s partner and star of the show. Sora’s first goal in the season is to attend the circus festival in Paris, but the competitors will do anything to attain the title of ‘festival winner’: betray, deceive, or even attack their opposers. The atmosphere and attitude this creates does not bode kindly to Sora’s carefree, optimistic outlook. It inturn causes her to withdraw from the competition in the middle of her act (or the Angel Act), leaving friends, family and, worst of all, Layla confused and otherwise disappointed with Sora. Most of the season concentrates on Sora finding and pursuing her new dream. After many trials and rejections Sora aims to become a “True Kaleido Star” while creating a fun, conflict-free stage, the complete opposite of what she experiences at the festival in Paris.

Source: Wikipedia Notes