Who would you take #1 overall in your fantasy draft? We discuss.

Recorded August 20th, 2008.
Anthony Skatz, Matthew Galloway, Chase Thomas, and Catie Mansfield

Running Time: 00:59:02 Topics * Fantasy Football Draft: Sleepers, Busts, #1 Overall Picks, and More.
* Michael Phelps: Best Individual Athletic Performance Ever?
* Quick Hits! (It’s Catie’s!)
* Fan Off/ULC2 Madden NFL 09 Xbox 360 League.

Notes – All Quick Hits Stories can be found at ESPN.com

A Fantasy Draft Strategy

– Here are the details for the Fan Off/ULC2 Madden League.

System: Xbox 360.
No: Unique Rosters, Draft, or Trades.
Yes: Fatigue, Injuries, Random Weather.
5 minute quarters.

Go to “Xbox Live” -> “Online Leagues” -> “Join League”

In “Abbreviation”, type fanof (only five letters for abbreviations) or search Fanoff League in the “League Name” criteria.

The password is fay (lower case.)

As of right now, the Panthers and Chargers are taken. There are six more positions open. Hurry