Episode 5Rinse/Repeat

Episode 5

This week: stupid lawsuits, and the News of the Future, today!

Issue #116Alter Ego Comic Cast

Issue #116

October 1, 2008Ryan McCombs of Drowning Pool sits in on the show this week and kicks our asses!

Green Legend RanAnime Round Table and Review

Green Legend Ran

The world is a desert and an evil cult controls whats left of the water. Episode 98

Episode 166RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 166

Nick is out this week, but 3/4 of the Fatal Four continue trucking on to discuss all of this week’s…

Episode 63The Media Burnout

Episode 63

New Bikes in Burnout. Vex Hard Lemonade. The Hole in the Wall Blows.

Issue #115Alter Ego Comic Cast

Issue #115

September 24, 2008BRIAN BENDIS is BACK on the show and we talk to him about the upcoming SECRET INVASION finale!

Episode 1: The Journey BeginsSystem Lynk

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Jason, Skatz, and Faith host this premiere edition of Fan Off’s flagship gaming podcast, System Lynk.

Episode 4Rinse/Repeat

Episode 4

This week, Jesus watches us exercise, and we get arrested for taking a walk in the park.

Cowboy BebopAnime Round Table and Review

Cowboy Bebop

Does Cowboy Bebop live up to all the hype? Listen to find out. Episode 97

Episode 165RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 165

Nick, Will, and Jason host the third annual Best of Bustapiece Theatre special.