Episode 97The Media Burnout

Episode 97

Celebrity Law and Order. Best Games of 2009. Past and Future of Gadgets.

Episode 229RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 229

A rare Sunday night edition of RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk looks back at the best and worst of the decade.

Episode 228RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 228

Sheamus as WWE Champion has us talking but is it completely for the wrong reasons?

Episode 154Alter Ego Comic Cast

Episode 154

Batman vs. History leads to a new Top 5.

Episode 96The Media Burnout

Episode 96

Star Trek on Bluray. Kevin Federline gets a job. V on TV.

Episode 227RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 227

Why exactly is Edge giving birth to The Undertaker? Because TLC is tomorrow night on PPV!

Episode 153Alter Ego Comic Cast

Episode 153

Buzzworthy Books opens up Dark Avengers Annual #1. Plus, the top 5 Elseworld Stories.

Episode 226RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 226

RBR counts down the top 5 moments of the career of the late Umaga.

Episode 152Alter Ego Comic Cast

Episode 152

David and Austin are at it alone again and look at the top 5 female characters in comics.

Episode 225RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 225

Survivor Series is surprisingly good. Plus, the Holiday Buyers Guide begins!