Episode 1: The PilotEndgame Plus

Episode 1: The Pilot

A Sensationalist Title About the Demise of Nintendo That Serves Only To Generate Traffic, But Is In No Way A…

Episode 146The Media Burnout

Episode 146

TV Abortionist dies. Missing headphones. Master Chef.

Episode 145The Media Burnout

Episode 145

Ben takes a hike. Jeff loves his Hoarders. Tennis gets played.

Episode 144The Media Burnout

Episode 144

Kevorkian Croaks. South Park. E3.

Episode 310RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 310

After Destination X, it’s back to business as usual at Impact Wrestling.

Episode 309RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 309

We interview the first winner of the Impact Wrestling Fantasy league. You may recognize him.

Episode 308RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 308

From CM Punk’s shoot-ish promo to Mark Henry’s new found glory, WWE is on fire this week!