Episode 5: No Yaoi AllowedEndgame Plus

Episode 5: No Yaoi Allowed

Ubisoft says they’re sorry, Dave crashes an IGN party, Gamestop opens your game cases before you do, and more…

Episode 149The Media Burnout

Episode 149

Wisdom teeth out. Smoking on planes. The Monkees?

Episode 4: CockpitsEndgame Plus

Episode 4: Cockpits

From Dust makes PC nerds rage, get rich quick: quit your day job and play League of Legends instead, Super…

Episode 315RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 315

WWE SummerSlam 2011 is behind us and Matt Galloway takes a trip to Chipotle!

Episode 3: Soggy BiscuitsEndgame Plus

Episode 3: Soggy Biscuits

Hats, hats, hats, the coming war between EA and Valve, a How-To guide on surviving a riot, and more…

Episode 314RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 314

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters joins us for a sit down interview about his release, his career, and his future.

Episode 148The Media Burnout

Episode 148

When mosquitoes attack. Bubba Smith passes away. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are broke.

Episode 2: Shoddy PodcastersEndgame Plus

Episode 2: Shoddy Podcasters

Blizzard frees us from the tyranny of single-player games, Larry Pitchford takes a stand for journalistic integrity, Todd Howard offends…