Episode 11 – Clone HighGeneration Animation

Episode 11 – Clone High

Not everybody is a fan of this MTV cult favorite. Also not everyone likes Canada.

Episode 386-3 (2012 Year End Awards)RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 386-3 (2012 Year End Awards)

Our three episode weekend concludes with the 8th Annual RBR Year End Awards, celebrating the best of the best and…

Episode 386-2 – In The Year 2000!RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 386-2 – In The Year 2000!

The Fatal Four travel back to the year 2000 to discuss wrestling at its best… and worst.

Episode 386-1 – Maffew of BotchamaniaRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 386-1 – Maffew of Botchamania

Matt and Maffew discuss the past, present, and future of Botchamania and banter about the current state of the industry.

Episode 10 – The Road to El DoradoGeneration Animation

Episode 10 – The Road to El Dorado

Before they went CG, Dreamworks made some pretty awesome movies.

Episode 385 – New NationRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 385 – New Nation

Albert Del Rio turns face, AJ turns heel, Big E. Langston debuts, and Slammy awards are given out. An eventful…

#111 – With Great PowerHideous Energy

#111 – With Great Power

Recorded on December 18th, 2012.Featuring:David Hopkins and Austin WilsonRunning Time: 1:37:02Topics• Intro - DCBService.com! Don't be a dick! Love one…

Episode 9 – The Batman (Season 1)Generation Animation

Episode 9 – The Batman (Season 1)

Giving classic characters new looks. Does it work out? We talk “The Batman”.

Episode 384 – Correction PoliceRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 384 – Correction Police

Matt and Will disagree on the direction The Rock vs. CM Punk must take.