The Jennifer Hepler/Hamburger Helper incident, Day One DLC for Mass Effect 3, a PR stunt that could cost the UK taxpayer, and more…
Recorded February 26th, 2012

Hosted by Nick, Doc, Dave, Tim


  • It’s our first live episode and we power through computer crashes, Skype struggles, and a washing machine malfunction to bring you the news… which Bioware seemed to dominate this week
  • The Jennifer Hepler/Hamburger Helper incident
  • Day one DLC for Mass Effect 3
  • A PR stunt that could cost the UK taxpayer
  • The Taco Bell PS Vita giveaway has some problems
  • A new Pokemon game is coming
  • iOS Pokemon game is a scam
  • Thoughts on the Borderlands 2 trailer and SSX demo
  • Dave gives his first impression of the PS Vita.