You can tell the show will be philosophical when we begin with frog cloacas.

Recorded on April 15th, 2013.
David Hopkins, Austin Wilson, and special guest Jacob E. Ryan!
Running Time: 1:51:33 Topics • Intro – You have found us, and we have found you. Go forth, and read our comic, “6 BARREL SHOTGUN” found at for your viewing pleasure.
• Topic Thunder – We discuss the fallout of the Comixology dicks-cumming-on-faces debacle (that’s the official name) and point lots of fingers at lots of people.
• Club Book – We talk about Y: The Last Man volume 6 – Girl On Girl! Basically…it’s just filler. But not bad filler!
• Top 5! We run down our Top 5 Favorite Movies with Jacob E. Ryan, brother of R.J. Ryan, and all-around awesome dude.