The gang finally return to Gravity Falls with special guest Paul Griffin!

Broadcast on January 4th, 2015
Bianca Torres, Tyler Moliterno, Dave Roberts, Felipe Diaz-Vera, & Paul Griffin
Running Time: 1:33:51 Summary The second season of Gravity Falls was announced on July 29, 2013 by Eric Coleman. It premiered on August 1, 2014. According to Alex Hirsch, season 2 will have some flashbacks of life before Dipper and Mabel were sent off to Gravity Falls on vacation with Stan Pines. It was also said that characters such as Wendy, the teens, and Pacifica Northwest will have some more screen time and development in season 2. Bill Cipher, Blendin Blandin, and many of Mabel’s ex-crushes will also return in at least one of the season 2 episodes.
Source: Gravity Falls Wiki Notes