Fabulous 1980s anime and all its splendor.

Broadcast on January 23rd, 2016
Dave Roberts, Bianca Torres, Tyler Moliterno, Marc Gonzales, & Felipe Diaz-Vera
Running Time: 1:12:39 Summary In ancient times, a group of young men devoted their lives to protecting Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War. These men were capable of fighting without weapons—a swing of their fist alone was powerful enough to rip the very sky apart and shatter the earth beneath them. These brave heroes became known as Saints, as they could summon up the power of the Cosmos from within themselves. Now, in present day, a new generation of Saints is about to come forth. The young and spirited Seiya is fighting a tough battle for the Sacred Armor of Pegasus, and he isn’t about to let anyone get in the way of him and his prize. Six years of hard work and training pay off with his victory and new title as one of Athena’s Saints.
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