Michaela Laws joins the panel to discuss the basics of project management

Broadcast on May 26th, 2017
Running Time: 1:56:43



This month’s episode discusses the basics of Project Management. In this episode we will cover everything from deciding when to launch your project, curating a crew, how to manage that crew, marketing your project, and how to keep yourself and the rest of your team motivated and working.


2:26 – Starting Your Project. When and if you should start.
6:33 – Gauging Your Skillset. What can you do? Who do you need?
16:05 – Keeping Your Goals Realistic
17:52 – How to Curate Talent. Know what to look for and when.
28:16 – Staying Motivated: Working Hard and Taking Breaks. Project Burnout. How to keep yourself and your crew interested and involved.
42:14 – Dividing Up Work and Creative Control
44:47 – Encouraging Feedback and Being Open to Change
50:42 – Bringing The Hammer Down: You never have to be mean, you just have to be firm.
57:52 – Setting Deadlines
1:01:04 – Not Being Shitty
1:06:36 – How To End a Failing Project
1:13:00 – Marketing Your Finished Project
1:28:54 – QnA
1:19:26 – Q: Should you admit mistakes or just roll with it?
1:33:12 – Q: As a VA, should I use my real name or a handle?
1:37:11 – Q: When do you script as series vs. casting VAs?
1:40:41 – Q: How do you split decisions in a small group w/o issue?
1:45:47 – Q: Should you ever cast yourself as a VA in your project?
1:51:29 – Q: Should you stay with a failing project or abandon it?

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