How to become a better actor, no matter what experience level.

Broadcast on July 30th, 2017
Running Time: 1:26:18



In this month’s episode we go over some acting basics! Tips to remember if you’re just starting out or to review if you’re already an expert. Covers how to get into character and stay there, how you should act in a booth, tips and tricks for some of the harder things like crying, shouting, laughing, and dealing with stage fright.


1:02 – “How Do I Become a Better Actor?”
10:54 – Committing to a Character: Always Give 100%!
21:41 – Crying
27:41 – Laughing
31:09 – Dying
34:26 – Getting the Best Performance from Yourself
49:32 – Booth Etiquette
1:05:04 – A Quick Improv Introduction
1:13:38 – QnA

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