ProZD joins the panel as they talk about how to set yourself up for success on the internet.

Broadcast on September 3rd, 2017
Running Time: 1:23:12



People always ask us “How do I become internet famous!?” In this episode we’re joined by the fabulous SungWon Cho (aka ProZD) to tell you why that’s generally a bad question to ask! Topics of discussion include how to set yourself up for success, using and promoting yourself on social media, how to polish your personal brand, keeping your reputation on the up-and-up, and staying positive in the face of ten million shitty YouTube comments.

— TIMESTAMPS: (Note: This episode is much more free-form than the others. We end up talking about a lot of important things that weren’t grouped together in any special way, so I just recommend listening through the whole video!)
1:14 – Creating Your Foundation
17:27 – Making Things That You Enjoy
22:56 – Branding and Reputation
35:43 – Social Media and Promotion
50:23 – Motivation , Staying Positive, and Self Improvement
1:01:00 – Not Being a Dick!
1:06:35 – QnA

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