Inspectres Part 2


Game Master: Kent Blue

Players: Matt, Tyler Moliterno, Dave Roberts

On this episode, we wrap-up our game of Inspectres; a game of paranormal investigators trying to grow their brand. Inspectres is designed by Jared Sorenson and published by Memento Mori Theatricks. Will The Realest Spook Smashers figure what is behind the disembodied voice? Will Mordecai the Mortician give them what they need? Will Bendi’s finger end up in anymore mouths? Spoiler: it does. Join and see if the team makes a name for themselves as the best game in town! 

You can find Tyler Moliterno and Dave Roberts on the podcast Generation Animation. Tyler is also a co-host on The Breakdown podcast. Dave can also be found on Eerie, International and The BSCast. Find Matt over on Twitter and Instagram under @rogueprintco on both. Be sure to follow his links.

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