Laser and Feelings Part 2


Game Master: Kent Blue

Players: Amanda Kahl, Tim Devine, Doug Shute

On this episode, we conclude our game of Lasers and Feelings by John Harper at One Seven Design, a tribute game to the song of the same name by The Doubleclicks! Be sure to check that song out. The crew of the Raptor, a space reconaissance vessel, have made contact with Zorgon the Conquerer. Listen to find out what happens next and just where Captain Darcy went.

Check out our players and their awesome stuff!

Amanda Kahl the artist and writer behind the supremely cool fantasy webcomic Age of Night. She is also the art director for Fearlight Games. Go and check those out and show some love to a really awesome person!

Doug Shute runs the excellent YouTube channel Victory Condition Gaming. He has a whole ton of great content over there. Check it out and subscribe! You can also visit his webstore and pick up some cool VCG swag.

Tim Devine runs Dice Up Games where he and his wife Kristin design games. They’ve worked up a couple hacks of Lasers and Feelings; Truth and Daring and Wits and Chivalry. Get over there and check it out!

Be sure to listen to the episode about our giveaway of a super cool Roll To Play dice tray.  

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