Andi Preller, Dave Roberts, & David Hopkins of EERIE, INTERNATIONAL
Diego, Mitch, & Buzi of THE TERROR TABLE
Running Time: 2:24:22
  • It’s been teased for almost a full year, and now we put our mouths where our somethings are (you’re going to get a lot of humor like that in this one, so buckle up) and join forces with the unstoppable Canadian juggernauts of horror from THE TERROR TABLE for our top 5 horror films of 2017! Get ready for non-horror film talk, some surprising picks from all members of both shows, stories of the Ewan McGregor trilogy and being banned from Blockbusters, and quite a bit of handjobbing. If you listen to our show then you likely already listen to theirs, but check it out HERE┬áif not.
  • Special shoutout to all of our amazing listeners from both sides who have supported us over the years! Kent, Lana, Thomas, Brycen, Burnis, Jesse, Kenny, and many more that I’m sure we’re forgetting, but they all mean so much to our shows and we are deeply grateful for the support.
  • And one last special thank you to Dirk from Germany who helped put all of this together and stayed up way too late making it all come together. We owe you one!