If you hated this movie…then episode #349 is the last time you’ll like us.


Austin Wilson & David Hopkins
Running Time: 3:13:30
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  • Stuff We’ve Read Lately – Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta’s Outcast!
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Little did we know that this film would divide the fans and ultimately the entire Internet. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars debut has people foaming at the mouth with anger, and others praising it for what they see as a big push forward for the franchise. And then others are somewhere in the middle. Long-time listeners will know that Star Wars has played a significant role in the show and our lives growing up. So where do we fall with this one? This is a very long and multi-viewed look at the film, so for the first (and I guess last?) time in Hideous Energy history, we’ve placed some timestamps below for you to jump to where you’d like to drop in on the conversation.
  • 00:40:14 – Our theories and concerns in the car on the way to the theater, pre-movie.
  • 01:03:36 – David’s disclaimer before you hear our immediate reactions in the car, post-movie.
  • 01:06:29 – Our immediate reactions in the car/house, post-movie.
  • 01:39:39 – Back in the studio, 3 days later, as we reflect on the fan division and our collected thoughts.
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