The Mannequin reboot!


Andi Preller, Dave Roberts, & David Hopkins
Running Time: 1:54:48
  • The trio is reunited for another installment in our Screamake series as we discuss Maniac! The original William Lustig film from 1980 was a landmark for low-budget horror, and the 2012 remake from Franck Khalfoun built on it in interesting and oftentimes shocking ways. Afterwards (at 01:18:11, to be exact, we get into the next short story in our ongoing discussion of Laird Barron’s The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All!
    • Maniac (1980)
    • Maniac (2012)
    • The Redfield Girls, from The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All by Laird Barron (2014)
  • Link to the Barron interview discussed in this episode: