Hot Guys Making Out Part One


Players: Kent Blue and Austin Wilson

It is February and we are featuring games about relationships this month! So let’s kick it off with a game of Hot Guys Making Outby Ben Lehman. The game is inspired by Yaoi, which is a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romanticorsexualrelationshipsbetween male characters.

This week, Austin Wilsonjoins Kent as they take on the roles of Gonsalvo and Honoré, two hot guys exploring the relationship forming between them. But, a mysterious Threat rises to stand in the way. Will the two guys rise above the Threat or will they succumb, their relationship left in pieces.

Be sure to check out Austin on Twitter for links and info to all of his creative endeavors. Also check out the Twitter for his book blog, Ledger Books.Roll To Play Podcast recommends checking out the graphic novelRe·Pro·Duct, written by Austin, art by Logan Faerber, and letters by DC Hopkins.

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