Shooting the Moon Part One


Players: Kent Blue, Kristin Devine, and Tim Devine

Hey all you gorgeous people! How you doin’? This week we get even deeper into our Relationship Month with part one of Shooting the Moon from the Romance TrilogybyEmily Care Boss. It is an incredibly fun game that Roll To Play highly recommends. So go and check it out!

Taking on the roles of the Suitors this week are Kristin Devineand Tim Devineof Dice Up Games. Head on over to their website to check out all the cool stuff going on there. Also, check out their actual play podcast Wait Wait Don’t Roll Me.It is definite fun times.

With the recent shooting in Parkland, FL, it is time to take action about gun control. One option is to visit www.5calls.organd follow the links to get phone numbers for your congressional leaders and scripting to help get your point across.

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