Wakanda Forever!


David Hopkins & Austin Wilson
Running Time: 1:23:35
  • Hey, new episode! Over the winter break we’ve been hard at work making pretty killerĀ Star Wars jokes about blowing space-horses so we’ll catch you up on that before heading into our discussion of Marvel’s latest cinematic pictureĀ Black Panther! We know and absolutely recognize that we are two white dudes talking about a movie that no one needs our take on, but we wanted to still at least talk about the comics/superhero side of things. We mention a few different articles online that come from far more important voices than our own, so please check out the links below and check out more writing online from Charles Pulliam-Moore, Evan Narcisse, Jason Parham, and more.
  • Wakanda’s Indomitable Culture Is Why the Women of Black Panther Are So Dynamic by Charles Pulliam-Moore.
  • Black Panther Is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic by Charles Pulliam-Moore
  • Black Panther Is All A Superhero Movie Can Be, And More by Jason Parham.
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