Wakanda Forever!


David Hopkins & Austin Wilson
Running Time: 1:23:35
  • Hey, new episode! Over the winter break we’ve been hard at work making pretty killer¬†Star Wars jokes about blowing space-horses so we’ll catch you up on that before heading into our discussion of Marvel’s latest cinematic picture¬†Black Panther! We know and absolutely recognize that we are two white dudes talking about a movie that no one needs our take on, but we wanted to still at least talk about the comics/superhero side of things. We mention a few different articles online that come from far more important voices than our own, so please check out the links below and check out more writing online from Charles Pulliam-Moore, Evan Narcisse, Jason Parham, and more.
  • Wakanda’s Indomitable Culture Is Why the Women of Black Panther Are So Dynamic by Charles Pulliam-Moore.
  • Black Panther Is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic by Charles Pulliam-Moore
  • Black Panther Is All A Superhero Movie Can Be, And More by Jason Parham.
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