Grab your dice and overpriced miniatures, because it’s our first dive into Tabletops!

Broadcast on March 16th, 2018
Running Time: 1:54:17



This month’s episode focuses on what it takes to be a Gamemaster! Starting your game, gathering players, building your maps, problem-solving both mechanics and player drama, and just learning how to have fun with friends at the table. To help us out this month we’ve got our good buddy Jay with us! ( He’s a great GM and an even better dude.

1:31 – What does it take to be a Gamemaster?
12:50 – Systems Overview – What Game System is Right for You?
22:17 – Recruiting Your Players
33:07 – Building Your Setting (with Your Players!)
38:35 – Map-making Tips and Theater of the Mind
56:07 – Music, Sound Effects, and Atmosphere
1:00:38 – Administrating Your Game + Scheduling
1:16:38 – Remember: The Goal is to HAVE FUN
1:27:52 – Gauging the Length of An Adventure
1:30:33 – Combat 101 and Helpful GM tips
1:46:33 – Question: Players Aren’t Enjoying Something. How Do I Fix It?

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