We answer your questions LIVE!

Broadcast on June 1st, 2018
Running Time: 2:48:24



This month we brought back three of our favorite guests, Marissa Lenti, Griffin Puatu, and Jay Barrett to help us answer your questions! Live!!! This is a slightly cut-down version of the livestream we hosted in the middle of May. It’s more casual than a regular episode, and the questions go all over the place, so please check out the timestamps below for guidance!


00:04:28 — How much can you take from something before it’s plagiarism?
00:08:30 — Where do you start when building a new world?
00:13:59 — How do you figure out how long something will be?
00:15:46 — Is Graphic Design a good career choice?
00:16:51 — Somebody left my project, what comes next?
00:20:49 — What has been the hardest part about your jobs?
00:29:36 — How do you find voice actors?
00:35:27 — Tips on writing romance?
00:40:16 — If you want to make an abridged series, how do you convince VAs to join?
00:47:22 — Does animation pay well?
00:52:55 — What’s the difference between online auditioning vs stage auditions?
00:59:10 — When can you say “I should get paid for this”?
01:11:45 — How do you deal with people that don’t agree to pay for your work?
01:12:09 — What’s the difference between a voice actor and someone who does silly voices?
01:25:57 — What are some good rewards for patreon?
01:32:23 — Should I change the prices of things on patreon as I get more popular like a dick?
01:33:59 — When should I make a patreon?
01:35:09 — What are the acceptable average rates I should ask for art/voice commissions?
01:42:36 — How do you get over not liking your own voice? Can I get work with a bad voice?
01:47:31 — I’m a girl but I sound like a boy? What do I do!?
01:49:02 — Do you ever listen to your old work and cringe?
01:55:17 — How do I write dialogue to sound more natural?
02:01:04 — How do I improve my ability to do more voices?
02:11:59 — What are some home recording studio set up tips?
02:17:20 — Any tips on practicing ADR on my own?
02:20:12 — How do I separate my personality from a character I’m writing?
02:26:55 — How do decide which medium fits your story best?
02:30:22 — How do you choose the best voice actor for a character?
02:35:51 — Which character is your least favorite to voice?
02:36:09 — Favorite dumb voice?

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