We can’t say why cause it’s a spoiler, but we hate this guy.


Andi Preller, Dave Roberts, David Hopkins, and special guest Philip Gelatt!
Running Time: 1:53:24
  • For our 150th episode, we talk to Philip Gelatt, the writer/director/editor of They Remain, a feature-length adaptation of a novella from Laird Barron! We were captured by the film and challenged by Gelatt’s depiction of Barron’s already sort of impenetrable story. We also talk about Philip’s other work in film (including Europa Report) as well as his work in comics. Philip is a great conversationalist and a lovely dude – you’ll understand why that bit about us hating him is a joke once you finish the interview 🙂
  • Make sure to check out They Remain over on iTunes and follow Philip on Twitter!
  • Before that discussion, we get into what we enjoyed this week including The Endless, My Friend DahmerFriday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, 12 Deadly Days, and a bit on next week’s film: Demon Knight! Oh, and our friend Kent Blue’s RPG podcast Roll To Play is now a part of FanOff, so check it out!
    • They Remain (2018)