With a side of seabather’s eruption.


Dave Roberts, Andi Preller, & David Hopkins.
Running Time: 1:41:38
  • We’re back to continue our September series, NINETEEN EIGHTY-WOLF, a three-part sequence where we discuss three werewolf (or wolf-related) films that all came out in 1981. For the first and last weeks of the month, we’re also doing lead-in and lead-out films to set the full moon tone. This week: Wolfen! Before all that though, we discuss the horrors we took in this week including The X-FilesGargoylesChannel Zero: Candle CoveLord of Illusions, and David didn’t see anything horror-related but he did watch Crazy Rich Asians and found it to be just delightful.
    • Wolfen (1981)
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