I like comic books and graphic novels.


David Hopkins & Amanda Hopkins
Running Time: 2:50:24
  • Listen as David and his best friend/wife Amanda binge the Netflix original show¬†The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina! The format of this thing changed like three times during the recording of this multi-part discussion over chapters 1-5 of the show, so you get to hear that evolve too. Come back for the second half covering chapters 6-10 soon!
      • Chapter 1 – 0:00:00
      • Chapter 2 – 0:45:00
      • Chapter 3 – 1:21:13
      • Chapter 4 – 1:49:58
      • Chapter 5 – 2:23:04
    • The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina¬†(2018)
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