Episode 675 – SummerSlam 2018 PreviewRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 675 – SummerSlam 2018 Preview

Randy Orton has a problematic past. But we kinda already knew that.

Episode 674 – SanitaryRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 674 – Sanitary

Matt’s back! We try and call Apple Support, talk about the political climate and discuss a little wrestling.

Episode 5- Aerial Monroe & Zeda Zheng “Looking and Not Listening”Swerve City Podcast

Episode 5- Aerial Monroe & Zeda Zheng “Looking and Not Listening”

Pro wrestler Shane Strickland and hip-hop artist / entertainer Monteasy bring you the ultimate podcast, Swerve City! A weekly display…

Episode 673 – August 1 WarningRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 673 – August 1 Warning

We fondly remember Grand Master Sexay and talk about the limits of problematic old jokes.

Episode 4 Feat. Mike Parrow ” Who Wants Some Grapes”Swerve City Podcast

Episode 4 Feat. Mike Parrow ” Who Wants Some Grapes”

Swerve City Podcast Episode 4 – Mike Parrow “Who Wants Some Grapes Follow the podcast on twitter & Instagram @swervecitypodcast…

Episode 672 – Ring WarrusRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 672 – Ring Warrus

Eric Brady has reached new heights in troll status.

Episode 671 – Talk About HoganRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 671 – Talk About Hogan

Hogan’s back in the WWE fold and Will has some opinions about it.

Episode 670 – Everyone Wears Out Their WelcomeRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 670 – Everyone Wears Out Their Welcome

3/4 of The Fatal Four set out to talk about the G1 Special in San Francisco and preview WWE Extreme…

Episode 669 – God Bless AmericaRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 669 – God Bless America

To celebrate the 4th, we release an early episode and recap quite a situation for Kenny Omega.

Episode 668 – Cass’s FriendRBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk

Episode 668 – Cass’s Friend

A friend of Big Cass’s stops by to set the record straight. Plus, is Raw really that bad?