Episode 301 – Neo YokioGeneration Animation

Episode 301 – Neo Yokio

It is bad. But so bad is good? Does the show actually know what it is doing?

Episode 300 – Generation RevisitationGeneration Animation

Episode 300 – Generation Revisitation

The original panel gets together to see if opinions have changed over time.

Episode 299 – Final SpaceGeneration Animation

Episode 299 – Final Space

Don’t be fooled. This may be the best adult animated series on TV right now.

EXTRA! San Diego Comic Con 2018 TalkGeneration Animation

EXTRA! San Diego Comic Con 2018 Talk

Michael Scally joins us as we drop a lot of F-Bombs. SO MANY F-Bombs.

Episode 298 – Incredibles 2 + Alan Denton InterviewGeneration Animation

Episode 298 – Incredibles 2 + Alan Denton Interview

We talk ska and IHOB with “Sonic Boom” writer Alan Denton! Then we discuss if the Incredibles sequel matches the…

EXTRA! Heart of the Crystal Gems (Spoilers)Generation Animation

EXTRA! Heart of the Crystal Gems (Spoilers)

No episode this week, so Felipe & Christopher Wade talk about the latest Steven Universe revelations.

Episode 297 – The Chipmunk AdventureGeneration Animation

Episode 297 – The Chipmunk Adventure

Talking all things “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and the varying quality of the soundtrack.

Episode 296 – Reboot vs RebootGeneration Animation

Episode 296 – Reboot vs Reboot

Tyler and Dave compare the 1994 CG classic to the Netflix reboot (heh) and the duo GO THE EXTRA MILE!

Episode 295 – Disney’s PinocchioGeneration Animation

Episode 295 – Disney’s Pinocchio

We end JuneBug Month with a cricket, a wooden puppet, and Tom Hanks for some reason.